Wrockwardine Wood Infant School and Oakengates Nursery Federation

Class 6

Welcome to Class 6.

We are excited to be Year 2’s!

Our teacher is Miss Crick, and our Teaching Assistants are are Mrs Vernon, Miss Hale and Mrs Thomas

This week we have been discovering what makes a great teacher and learner.

Resilient Rhino

We have taken part in many challenging tasks and puzzles to learn the importance of being resilient. We were asked to complete a jigsaw puzzle without being given the picture and solve confusing riddles!

Team Ant

We have enjoyed developing our team work skills: passing smiles around a circle, creating a friendship web of compliments and working together to build the tallest spaghetti and marshmallow tower possible.

Resourceful squirrel

We have shown that we are all resourceful squirrels. We searched our new classroom and outside area high and low for materials to build our teddy Tom a new shelter and dream catcher.

Reflective Turtle

 In class 6, we ended the week by reflecting on what we have learnt about learning. 

We were shocked to learn how important it is to make mistakes as these mistakes help us learn.  Mistakes make us stronger, they allow our brains to stretch and grow like a muscle! 

We have also learnt about having a growth mind-set and the ‘power of YET’:

 ‘I’m not good at this…YET

‘I can’t do this it…YET!’


Bring on the challenges!