Wrockwardine Wood Infant School and Oakengates Nursery Federation

Class 5

Welcome to class 5.

Miss Conway (Class Teacher), Mrs Longmuir (Learning Support Assistant) and Mrs Wilton (Support Assistant)

This week in Class 5 we celebrated ‘World Water Day’. Miss Conway taught us that some countries such as South Africa, do not have a lot of water at the moment and we unpicked why that is. We agreed that we are very lucky in England to have clean water to drink and clean ourselves with. Next, we discussed all the different ways in which we use water and Class 5 children decided they wanted to have/design:

  1.  A car wash (as lots of water is used to clean cars all over the world each  day)
  2. A messy play area, because water is fun and we all love messy water play
  3. A clean earth on a paper plate to represent the clean water and consequently the clean ground and ever growing plants.

Well done to all pupils who managed to get on Bugclub and Matheltics this week. Let’s keep trying to get all 30 children on Bug Club and Mathletics