Wrockwardine Wood Infant School and Oakengates Nursery Federation

Meet the Governors

Chairman of the Governing Board and Governor for Health & Safety, Finance and Personnel, Headteachers Performance Manangement- Alan William Smith 

I am Scottish, born in Lennoxtown which at the base of the Campsies in Stirlingshire.

I spent my formative years living in Blantyre (birthplace of David Livingstone). I attended High Blantyre Primary school and surprisingly exceeded expectations in the 11 + exam and gained a place at Hamilton Academy.

I left school in 1973 with 8 O Levels and 3 Highers. I decided not to go on to university as I had become disillusioned with education. School had been a mixture of boredom, corporal punishment (the tawse) with the odd good lesson and the odd moment of joy thrown in. I learnt that my quick wit and loose mouth that was so effective against bullies had a more negative effect when deployed against the teaching staff!

I started work in August 1973 with The Inland Revenue in East Kilbride. I worked in London for two years in Covent Garden before returning to East Kilbride.

In 1981 I applied for a transfer to the Information Technology department and as a consequence of a successful interview found myself posted to Telford in July 1981.

In 1994 the Inland Revenue outsourced its IT Department as was the fashion of the day (ironically HMRC are reversing this as I write bringing IT back in house).

I worked for an American company, EDS, for 10 years and then for a Japanese company, Fujitsu, until I retired in 2015 following my 60th birthday.

 My skills include:-

·        Expertise in UK tax laws

·        Application programming

·        Data Communications and Networks

·        Telecommunications and Videoconferencing

·        Personal Computing

·        Customer Service

·        Service Management

·        People Management

·        Financial Management (Profit & Loss Accounting)

·        Incident and Problem Management

·        Problem Troubleshooting

·        Root Cause Analysis

I believe in being honest and speaking my mind. I believe that we all should give back to the community and being a Governor is my way of demonstrating this. I joined the Governing body when my Daughter was a pupil at our school and as she is now all grown up I must have served over 20 years. I believe that we must give our children the best start in life possible.

I am committed to using what skills and experience I possess to make our school not only the best in terms of academic achievement but a place of love and safety for all our children.

Vice Chair of the Governing Board, governor for School Improvement, Teaching & Learning, Outcomes, Finance and Personnel- Paul Jacques

I was born and raised in North London until just before Secondary School when my parents moved to Telford.  I enjoyed school and following successful GCSE results continued in education to take A Level’s at New College, Telford.  It was here I realised my fondness for Chemistry at GCSE didn’t quite prepare me for the same subject at A Level.  I just couldn’t get my head round it, so instead focused more on computing and business.  At least here it’s simple:  ‘Why is it broken?’, ‘it just is… Reboot!’

In 1998 I joined EDS on the HMRC Account as part of a Modern Apprenticeship scheme.  One of the first to join and complete this scheme I found it a very good way to enter business, with similar schemes still running today I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

I worked in the support arena initially before moving into IT Security.  In 2005 I left the HMRC Account and began working across Europe for a number of years.  This included work on major accounts like Vodafone, Barclays, ING, DWP and Yorkshire Water J  More recently I returned to work on the HMRC Account, and now run an architecture and engineering team as a Senior Solutions Architect.

During this time I started a family and have three children, 2 boys and 1 girl.  Both boys attended Wrockwardine Wood Infants and my little girl is currently in Reception at the school.  One of the key traits of being an Architect in my point of view is being, well, nosey!  It’s this random curiosity that sparked an interest to understand how the school is run, what decisions are being made and how could I help steer those decisions to ensure the school runs successfully for all pupils.

Therefore whilst my youngest son was at the school I joined as a Parent Governor and found a different side to the school that hadn’t been quite as visible previously.  The effort put in by the staff at the school and the pride they show was very apparent and it’s clear why both my boys made fantastic progress whilst at the Infants.

At work I spend a lot of my time in meetings; questioning and steering decisions, and ensuring delivery and success go hand in hand.  This leads me to take a similar role at school and I see myself as a ‘challenging’, but supportive Governor.  Recognising where good value and success has been achieved, but quick to spot and question any concerns.  It was these traits that I believe helped me take on the role of Vice Chair which I currently hold on the Governing Body.

Governor for Early Years, Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) and Child Protection,Performance Management of the Headteacher -Carol Melhuish  

The standard of education I received was very good, but when I was a child if you came from a working class background one did not have the opportunity or expected to progress onto further education.  My aspiration was to go into the nursing profession, unfortunately my parents were not able to financially support me through further education and therefore, I had no alternative but to leave school.


My first employment was with a local engineering company where I learned office administration practices.  During the time of working for this Company, I attended evening classes at the Walker Technical College where I attained Secretarial qualifications.  With the Secretarial qualifications, I changed my employment and worked in the Headquarters of the Ministry of Defence.   When my two children were born I chose to be a “stay at home” Mum until they reached school age.


When I returned to work I was employed as Secretary to the Research and

Development Executive at Link 51.  I worked for this company for 13 years before joining Marston’s, Wolverhampton where I was Senior P.A.to an Executive Board

Director.   Part of the PA role involved monitoring capital expenditure up to £2M;

Credit Control of the Company’s Production and Distribution finances; introduced a strategic modus operandi of J.I.T.(timely delivery) of essential products to synchronize with the Company’s production programme; purchasing the Company’s Production and Distribution office equipment and stationery; communicating with all levels of management, Independent Business Associates, Professional Bodies; Members of Parliament and organising official V.I.P. events/conferences etc.  


As part of Marston’s’ requisite “Investors in People”, I was the first employee to attain. The London of Chamber Commerce & Industry Administration Level 3 qualification (equivalent of 2 A levels)


My husband and I wanted our children to be able to fulfil their future aspirations, and were resolute that we would give them the support and guidance to achieve such, because we did not have the opportunity to do so ourselves. It is my view that education is the pathway to reach career opportunities and ambitions. I am proud that my two children had a good education which continued through to University.   They are now in professions that gives them with a rewarding and high standard of living.  


When I retired I wanted to contribute to the Community where I had lived all my life, and because I am passionate about education, I became a LA Governor. I also joined the Age U.K. volunteer programme, and trained as an Intergenerational Mentor.  I volunteer in a school working with children who are under-achieving or experiencing emotional/SEN disabilities.  This gives me the satisfaction that perhaps I am playing a small part in a child’s education.


In another volunteer capacity, I am a Board Trustee for the CVS (Council for Voluntary Service).  Their fundamental role is supporting local Charities.  One of the services they provide is going into schools and representing and mediating on behalf of parents with SEN children.


In my role as Governor, of I can be part of ensuring that the Federation maintains a high standard of teaching for all children, then that would give me a sense of worthwhile.


Governor for Personal Development, Behaviour, Welfare and Attendance- Anthony Suddes

I have been asked to provide a short pen portrait of myself for your consideration.  I am currently employed by Dudley College as an IT and Functional Skills English and Maths lecturer and I work within a custodial setting based at HMP Featherstone.  As you can imagine the role is very challenging and demanding so my ability to remain calm under pressure and problem solving skills are essential.  During my time in the prison I have forged working partnerships with other Further Education Colleges to ensure that the prisoners have the widest range of courses available to them to aid with their resettlement and reintegration into society.  This role has enabled me to achieve my Chartered Managers status and I am currently working towards gaining my QTLS qualification which should be completed by October this year.

Upon leaving school I joined the Royal Air Force and as Avionic Technician and travelled the world repairing and maintaining the helicopter fleet, this helped to hone my analytical skills together with a grass roots, can do approach to any task.  The last 10 years of my 22 year career were spent in an educational setting at the home of the RAF training, where my roles of Instructor and Course Designer expanded my educational knowledge.  Wishing to understand more about educational and to help improve my own pedagogy I enrolled and completed the Certificate in Education qualification and have further advanced my knowledge by completing courses in Curriculum Design, Assessment and Mentoring, Coaching and Pastoral Care.  I have been involved in both RAF Cosford and Dudley College Ofsted inspections who were both classed as Outstanding.

After leaving the RAF I took the role of a Training Consultant for a company is Solihull where my role was to assist companies in the gathering and analysing of information to clarify what learning and training was needed.  After this was achieved I would either write the training course myself or liaise with subject matter experts within the company to enable them to design a high quality and relevant learning package.  In this role it was necessary to communicate openly yet constructively and required good organisational and time management skills

Since our children have started school/nursery I have wanted to become more involved in early year and primary education and believe that I have the experience and skill set to be an effective governor.

Governor for Sports Premium funding and Early Years Oakengates Nursery-Jenny Prosser

I feel excited about embarking on my role Parent Governor. Having over 10 years’ experience of working with families and young children and within the community I decided to do my degree and I am currently studying, Childhood Studies at Wolverhampton University. Most of my previous and current experience is in early years and education. I worked as a family outreach practitioner in a Sure Start children’s centre in Dudley and within the National Health Services as part of the family intervention team. I have been able to develop skills and a greater understanding of working with families.  I have also had the opportunity of working as an After School Club Manager with a local primary school managing and supporting five members of staff and caring for over fifty children. I’ve worked alongside many different professionals in a range of agencies and before deciding to study full time I worked closely with special needs students at a local secondary school; including children with English as an Additional Language. I feel very passionate about Early Years and the National Curriculum, my particular focus is important to support the needs of the children and allow them to develop a passion for learning.  My experience of work has enabled me to develop a greater understanding and respect for the needs of the individual child and their family.

I have two children aged 18 months and 5 years. Underpinning the importance of education and my values as a mother to two young boys is the need for a nurturing environment that promotes independence and resilience to enable children to thrive at school. I personally feel very passionate about parent partnership with the role a parent can take in supporting children’s education in the home learning environment.

As a local parent living within the area I am able to use my previous experience of working in Early Years and Education and with studying up to date policy and practice I feel I would be able to offer support and give parent’s a voice within the school.

I look forward to working alongside the school and staff members and taking on my new role.

Governor for Early Years Statutory requirements and Safeguarding-Stacey Hanson

I’ve worked within Early years education for 14 years, starting as an apprentice for my NVQ 2 &3 qualifications, and in 2010 graduated from Wolverhampton university with my Foundation Degree in Early Years services, but I am always interested in further progressing my professional development.

I have always lived locally in Telford and have 2 children aged 10 and 3 years, in which both have attended our Nursery in Oakengates.

I think I’ve always had a passion for working with children, even as a child myself my play would centre around ‘pretending to be the teacher’, which as I grew older became a drive to learn about how children learn and what the adults role is in supporting and nurturing children’s ideas and sparking curiosities.

I started working at Oakengates Nursery School and Children’s centre in 2009 as a cover supervisor in the Baby room then Supervisor of the toddler room, and in 2010 became the Daycare manager. I have also had experience working with before and after school clubs for school aged children up to the age of 11 years and also worked previously within the private Daycare provision.

The Federation between Oakengates Nursery School and Children’s Centre with Wrockwardine Wood Infants and Nursery school has become a new exciting chapter both for myself as a professional and for the staff and children at Oakengates. It has brought new Knowledge and expertise about how children continue to develop after nursery and also an opportunity to share my own experience and expertise within Daycare, especially with some of the differences within the OFSTED requirements and inspections.

As Staff Governor I can give Governors a view point from the staff perspective in the strategic management of the Federation and give feedback to staff (if not confidential). Also to support other Governors by working together with duties and responsibilities such as learning walks and provide information about Daycare procedures etc.

Governor for School Improvement, Teaching & Learning, Outcomes and Pupil Premium-Gillian Stubbs

I am excited to be embarking upon my new role as a School Governor.  I have recently retired from the role as School Business Manager where I felt very privileged to work with your children and the dedicated staff at Wrockwardine Wood Infant School and Nursery.

 Following a career with Barclays Bank and after taking a break to look after my two daughters I then embarked upon a career in education.  I arrived at Wrockwardine Wood Infant School in April 1994, intending to stay for one term.  22 years later I finally retired after seeing the school develop with the school nursery added in 1998 and the exciting new challenge of the federation with Oakengates Nursery & Children’s Centre earlier this year.

I look forward to serving the community of the federation and sharing my knowledge and understanding gained over the years.